Channel Master debuted a new indoor TV antenna that performs as seven different antennas rolled into one.

The SMARTenna+ was unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas this week. It’s the second major device announced by Channel Master within the last month. Channel Master has also developed the Stream+ media player. That’s a new Android TV media player that plays live over-the-air channels with DVR capabilities.

The new SMARTenna+ uses an internal processor to analyze and select optimum signal reception patterns.

Channel Master says the SMARTenna+ has seven different antenna reception patterns, giving it the equivalent power of an antenna in seven different locations in the room at the same time.

Channel Master has tapped Ethertronics, a manufacturer of ultra-high performance smart antenna systems for smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Joe Bingochea, executive vice president of product development at Channel Master, said in a statement: “We worked with Ethertronics to bring that same patented smart wireless technology, known as Active Steering, to over-the-air television reception applications and house it within a modern television antenna.”

SMARTenna+ includes a smart Ethertronics processor, built-in signal amplification, automatic noise filtering, and new patented push-on cable connectors.

Channel Master says the SMARTenna+ effectively overcomes 90% of common indoor reception issues experienced with all other indoor antennas on the market today, delivering more channels and better reception.

“The continued growth of cord cutting has created a market boom for TV antennas, but getting good indoor reception can be a frustrating experience,” said Vahid Manian, chief operating officer at Ethertronics. “By incorporating Active Steering, Channel Master has delivered a breakthrough product in SMARTenna+ that brings a level of performance and convenience to indoor TV reception that has never existed before.”

SMARTenna+ will retail for $89 and will first be available throughChannel Master’s online store. Pre-orders are available now with inventory expected before the end of March.

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